Weekly Draw
Draw 66 on 30 April 2019

You could win a massive top prize! 

Join in with the weekly jackpot lotto draw to be in with a chance of winning top prizes! The lotto draw takes place every Tuesday.

All you need to play is a Wild Crypto account. It's that easy! Simply pick your numbers and join in with the fun. You can even play ahead by choosing how many draws you'd like.

When you play the Jackpot draw you can:

  • Pick your own numbers
  • Play your favourite regular numbers
  • Buy your lotto tickets online
  • Store all your lotto ticket numbers
  • Be automatically notified when you win

To enter you need to pick six numbers from a pool of 36 balls. From 1 to 36.

One bonus number from a pool of 8 balls. From 1 to 8.

Or, just click Lucky Dip and your numbers will be chosen automatically. 


Our prize structure is simple. The numbers you have chosen in a single line must match the winning lottery numbers in order to win. The jackpot starts at 1,000,000 WILD and increases by 50,000 WILD each draw (if it’s not won) until it reaches a maximum of 2,000,000 WILD.

In the event that more than one person has matched the winning line, the jackpot is shared equally amongst those winners.

Numbers matched


Match 6 numbers + Bonus Number* 

Win Jackpot (published on this website)

Match 6 numbers*

Win 20,000 WILD

Match 5 numbers + Bonus Number* 

Win 2,000 WILD

Match 5 numbers

Win 100 WILD

Match 4 numbers + Bonus Number

Win 20 WILD

Match 4 numbers

Win 5 WILD

Match 3 numbers

Win 2.5 WILD

Match 2 numbers

One free play** 

*Please note if there is more than one winner this prize total will be split equally between all winning parties.

** Crypto Miner game